Your Wsib Claims Management Consultant In Toronto, Hamilton, And Windsor

When can a WSIB claims management consultant for Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor help?

The WSIB is an acronym for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, formerly referred to as the Workers Compensation Board. It’s an agency of the Ontario Government, and establishes regulations for employers and workers when someone is injured on the job. Employers may think they are in good standing by contributing to the province-wide insurance fund, but when someone gets hurt while working, the paperwork and handling a claim may be too much for a business.  That’s when a WSIB claims management consultant in Toronto, Hamilton, or Windsor can assist.

Why Hire a WSIB Claims Management Consultant for Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor Businesses?

The WSIB system focuses on getting injured workers back on the job in a quick and realistic fashion. Both workers and employers have to work together to achieve this. When an injured person cannot perform their regular tasks, an employer can offer modified work while the employee heals. If that work is suitable and will not aggravate the work-related injury, the employee needs to accept the modified work.

Until they can come back to the job, injured workers are paid benefits while they recover. However, complicated cases may delay an employee’s return, and sometimes their benefits are stopped by the WSIB. WSIB claims management consultants can help you support your workers and protect your company.

Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW) and WSIB Claims

Unless there are mitigating circumstances, a WSIB claim should not be too difficult to understand. However, a qualified WSIB claims management consultant in Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor areas can help an employer comply with all obligations, including accident reports, tracking claims, and cost control.

Because an injured worker returning to the workplace can be a change for everyone, it’s also important to train supervisors to help with the adjustment. Reputable WSIB claims management consultants around Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor can provide this kind of support and training.

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