Wsib Cad7 Neer Consultation/assistance In Toronto, Hamilton, And Windsor

Trouble navigating WSIB, CAD7, and NEER in Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor?


The WSIB says that their audit program helps ensure the integrity of a self-reporting insurance plan. They perform regular audits to maintain communication with employers and make sure they’re compliant with regulations. You may be selected randomly for an audit, or your reporting may have raised a red flag. To protect yourself, it’s best to have help with documentation and self-audits.

Why Do I Need Help with WSIB, CAD7 and NEER in Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor?

Professional paralegals and consultants can review your audit requirements. They can help with documentation and liaise on your behalf with the WCB/WSIB account manager and auditors. They have experience handling rating projections and control with WSIB, CAD7, and NEER for Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor businesses. Expert legal teams can also deal with account managers and negotiate with WSIB collections.

Audit Requirements

An audit of any kind can be time-consuming. It’s always good to have help. The WSIB requires:

  • WSIB files and working papers used to calculate payroll remittances
  • Payroll records
  • T4, T5 and other information returns filed with CRA
  • Financial statements
  • Records of payments to contractors
  • General ledger and cancelled cheques
  • Clearance Certificates for the year(s) under audit
  • Minute books and other ownership records
  • Records of any independent operator rulings issued by the WSIB to your contractors

An auditor can examine payroll records and other documents for two years prior to the current year. However, if the auditor suspects a “lack of full disclosure,” they can extend the audit up to five years (in addition to the current year). This could create a headache for any employer or business owner.

The TRH Group Paralegal Professional Corporation knows what to do before and during an audit. If you require assistance with WSIB, CAD7, and NEER in Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor, we’re here to help: (800) 806-8444.