Workers’ Compensation Consultant And Wsib Claims: Training And Education

A workers’ compensation consultant in WSIB claims provides training.

When you employ a professional paralegal corporation, they have a network of paralegals and consultants with highly specialized knowledge about workers’ compensation legal services. Not only will they manage loss control, they’ll train and educate your management team, particularly front line managers or supervisors.

Where Can I Find a Workers’ Compensation Consultant for WSIB Claims in Toronto, Hamilton, or Windsor?

A reputable, top-notch legal corporation will accommodate your training needs. Some have training centres and can handle small groups, or up to 75 participants. Audio/video media is available for PowerPoint presentations or projected media for films/movies.

At TRH PC all this is arranged in the Concord head office, including a kitchenette and coffee centre, so breakfast and lunch may be served to participants. Comfortable washrooms are also available.  A TRH PC workers’ compensation consultant for WSIB claims can handle your legal needs while other members of our team offer information and training sessions on the following topics:

  • Assisting and completing accidents reports to WCBs (Workers’ Compensation Boards)
  • Increasing your understanding of employer obligations, re-employment obligations and their impact
  • Reviewing our quick reference guide: “In Case of Injury”
  • Applying WSIB legislation regulations and policies
  • Establishing injury reporting protocol or investigations
  • Assist in communication among an injured worker, the treating physician, the union, and WCB/WSIB
  • Initiating Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW) for workers
  • Training your supervisory staff
  • Handle fraudulent claims and deal with Regulatory Service Branch (RSB)
  • Supplying an injury management package

Will Legal Help Improve Employee-Employer Relationships?

Absolutely. Bringing in a workers’ compensation consultant for WSIB claims does not need to be an adversarial move. Professional legal services will support the employer and navigate the difficult regulatory waters while you focus on staff and employees, and bring an injured party safely back into the workplace. By providing training and education, you are contributing a necessary service that helps management and all the people on your team best perform their jobs. And, by getting them all talking together, morale can improve as well.

Call TRH Group Paralegal PC today at (800) 806-8444 and we will give you all the details about workers’ compensation assistance, be it training and education or support with WSIB claims.