WCB / WSIB Benefits

  • Retain skilled workers & maintain employee I union and non-union relations.
  • Reduce the cost of hiring / training replacement workers
  • We can track an WCB / WSIB accident cost on our Claims Control Management System.
  • Reduce accident costs by recovery techniques (SIEF) & improve WCB/WSIB experience
    rating Maintain productivity & quality of service
  • We assist and provide advice in the completion of all WCB / WSIB forms.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of WCB / WSIB provides realistic and timely advice.
  • We reduce injured worker recovery time by expediting medical services such as CAT
    Scans, MRI’s, IME’s, diagnostic procedures, treatment, etc.
  • We establish Early and Safe Return To Work protocols in returning injured workers
    to work thereby reducing or minimizing lost time.
  • We can recommend a private investigation firm for fraudulent claims and determine
    the level of disability through video and transcript evidence.
  • Provide back-up and support should your Paralegal be at an appeal hearing or simply
    on a vacation break.