Trustworthy Legal Representation And Service: Wcb/wsib Appeals In Toronto

WCB and WSIB appeals in Toronto require legal help.

If you have a WCB/WSIB claim you wish to appeal, hiring a professional corporation with experience in this area will help determine if your objection has merit to proceed before filing WSIB appeals in Toronto. They’ll also help assess any benefit to you, the employer. Certified paralegals can represent an employer at oral hearings with the Appeals Resolution Officer (ARO) handling WSIB appeals for Toronto companies. They’ll also represent you before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT).

How Do I Handle my WSIB Appeals in Toronto?

With the assistance of a trained, expert paralegal, s/he will obtain the claim file from the Board and do the following:


  • Review the merit of the objection
  • Determine the benefit to the employer
  • Prepare the argument with supporting medical documents
  • Prepare closing arguments to support the employer’s position

The process often involves preparation of witnesses and questioning them. When necessary, the paralegal will liaise on your behalf with personnel handling your WSIB appeals for Toronto.

What are some WCB/WSIB Appeals for Toronto Issues?

There are a number of time-consuming considerations to be handled in an appeal, including:

  • Initial entitlement
  • Claim benefits
  • LMR entitlement
  • Return to work closures
  • Continuing claim benefits
  • Revenue audit/assessment
  • S84 third party claims
  • Classification issues
  • Fraud-related issues

An experienced legal services company can provide excellent representation for an employer dealing with WSIB appeals in Toronto or the GTA. They’ll handle the mediation process at all levels and any re-employment hearings. They appear on your behalf at the Appeals Resolution Officer Hearing, and represent you in front of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. All these services can save you time and headache, allowing you to focus on the continued smooth operation of your business.

The TRH Group Paralegal PC has certified paralegals Canada-wide to help with your appeals. For additional information about the services we provide, please contact us at (905) 669-9517.