Reliable Workers Compensation Consultant For Toronto, Hamilton, And Windsor

A workers’ compensation consultant for Toronto, Hamilton, or Windsor can help.

When someone gets hurt on the job, no matter how many safety precautions were taken, it’s important to care for the worker and help that person return to work and continue to be happy, healthy, and productive.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Consultant in Toronto, Hamilton or Windsor?

When a worker is hurt, an employer’s first obligation is to get them proper medical care. After that, there may be a mountain of paperwork involving workers’ compensation and health claims. A workers’ compensation consultant in Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor can save you time and money during this crisis time.

Initiate Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW)

It’s vital to provide a proactive approach to help injured workers recover quickly. When they return to the workplace as productive employees, their morale soars and their physical health improves. A workers’ compensation consultant for Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor will become directly involved immediately following an accident, all the way through to a worker’s return to regular or modified duties. Modified work is reviewed with kinesiologists, who help establish Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) for all modified work.

Find Someone You Can Trust

TRH PC has a network of professional paralegals and consultants have specialized knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation legal services and loss control management. We serve as a bureau across Canada and are centrally located in Concord, Ontario. The TRH Group serves all industries representing owners, government agencies, industrial, commercial, institutional, and trade contracts — as well as general contractors. Our wealth of experience and working relationships with WCBs and WSIB allow us to provide exceptional service. We establish close partnerships with our clients to manage your WCB/WSIB requirements.

TRH PC establishes a close partnership with our clients to reduce impacts of lost time and cost records that impact your experience rating. Call a reliable workers’ compensation consultant in Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor today at (800) 806-8444.