Qualified Claims Management Consultant In Toronto, Hamilton, And Windsor

Should I hire a claims management consultant in Toronto, Hamilton or Windsor?

When you need effective legal advice to assist with claims filed with your business, you want to bring in a company experienced in handling workers’ compensation legal services. A well-established paralegal group can serve all industries and represent owners/employers, general or trade contractors, government agencies, commercial, institutional, and industrial contractors.

Any reputable claims management consultant around Toronto, Hamilton, or Windsor areas should have a long working relationship with WCBs and WSIB, so they can provide you, the employer, exceptional service.

Can Hiring a Claims Management Consultant in Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor Save Me Money?

There are cost-saving benefits to acquiring legal help. An experienced legal services corporation can:

  • Monitor and track your WCB/WSIB accident cost records
  • Upgrade your experience rating
  • Improve your premium rate by minimizing the impact of WCB/WSIB benefits
  • Reduce surcharges or augment rebates
  • Obtain accident cost recoveries through
  • SIEF
  • Third party liabilities
  • Reduced benefit periods

Can They Help Me with Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW)?

When you bring experienced legal help to the table, their knowledge of Return to Work policies can dramatically reduce cost of WCB/WSIB benefits. They’ll also work to improve employer-employee relationships.

As an employer, you are responsible for cooperating with the injured employee and the WSIB at all times during the ESRTW. This involves:

  • Contacting the employee as soon as possible after your injury, and maintaining regular contact with you throughout your period of disability or recovery
  • Attempting to identify and arrange appropriate employment
  • Giving the WSIB any information required about your ESRTW
  • Informing the WSIB about any material change in circumstances

All of this can take time and attention away from your ability to run your business. Bringing in an expert claims management consultant in Toronto, Hamilton, and Windsor can improve your efficiency in handling ESRTW.

We pride ourselves at TRH Group Paralegal PC in our ability to assist with claims management for all industries. Please give us a call at (905) 669-9517 to discuss how we can help.