Return to work

Struggling to get an injured worker back to work? Call us, we can help.

WCB / WSIB Return to work

The TRH Group Paralegal PC are a team of professional Paralegals that are highly skilled and experienced in Return to Work initiatives. Our pro-active approach has proven to improve work re-integration and reduced claim costs.  We work closely with our clientele to establish and implement effective return to work plans for each file.

Our Paralegal’s get directly involved from the date of accident to the return to regular duties or alternate duties. We establish a close partnership with our clients to limit lost time claims.

Activities include:

  • Review of accident investigation
  • Draft Form 7 and report to WSIB / WCB
  • Assist with Critical Injury Reports
  • Liaise directly with the WSIB / WCB Case Managers
  • Liaise and coordinate with treating health care providers
  • Review medical and monitor ongoing recovery of injured workers
  • Develop Return to work plans and work reintegration
  • Attend return to work and Work Transition meetings
  • Assist Supervisors in process
  • Establish physical demands analysis (PDA’s)
  • Medical treatment & assessment “Urgent Care” clinics
  • Assisting with ergonomic reviews and mediation services for RTW